What Is a Fire Camera?

Fire cameras are getting increasingly popular, not just for fire protection for commercial structures but also for private residences.

There are many reasons for this. Let us look at how fire cameras work and which advantages they can provide.

A fire camera can reliably detect fires where other fire detection methods such as smoke detectors would not work.

Good examples for this would be manufacturing plans or oil rigs, sports stadiums or outdoor locations such as forests and fields. Since smoke detectors can only work within confined spaces, their use is rather limited.

Fire cameras work entirely differently as compared to other fire detection methods. At the heart of a digital camera is usually advanced software that can detect a fire by analysing the video feed provided by the camera right real-time. Because of the way how fire cameras work, the can monitor a much larger area. What’s even more important, they can detect fires from a distance.

Another advantage of fire cameras is that they are essentially still CCTV cameras and can also function as such in addition to fire detection abilities. This means that you can easily replace any existing surveillance camera with a fire camera.

Fire Cameras Are Fast and Reliable

Modern digital fire cameras can detect fires within seconds. What’s more, they can also automatically summon emergency responders and provide them with the exact coordinates of the fire. This way, response times and therefore damage from fire can be greatly reduced. With a very low rate for false alarms, fire cameras have also been shown as a lot more reliable as compared to other fire detection systems.

The Benefits of Modern Fire Cameras – The Takeaway

In previous times, reliable fire detection in certain areas and locations has essentially been impossible or only very difficult to realize. Thanks to fire cameras and the way how they can reliably detect fires, these places are now much safer.

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Arthritis & Magnetic Jewellery: My Experience

I am for the longest looking for an alternative treatment for my mild arthritis since I am really not much into drugs. If I can I even avoid common medicines like Aspirin and Ibuprofen.

Last year I still had some decent success with acupuncture but I think the overall benefit was not worth the cost of my acupuncture sessions. This was when my other alternative health practitioner told me about magnetic bracelets and that she has several of her patients who could entirely get rid of their arthritis pains by wearing magnetic bracelets alone.

magnet-therapyAt first I was rather skeptical since I never heard about this type of magnetic jewellery before and my common sense also told me it cannot be that magnets can bring any relief there.

But Dina, my doctor gave me a sheet with more information about magnetic therapy where it was explained with the theory behind it.

I also learned that studies have been conducted which prove that magnetic bracelets do really work, not only for arthritis but for many other health problems as well.

Dina gave me a couple addresses where I could get magnetic bracelets since I didn’t find a store in town who had them. I ordered three and was rather pleased because they arrived just two days later.

What should I say? When I started wearing them (day & night, mind you!) at first I didn’t think they will work. But after a few days I definitely saw that the arthritis pain was less since I could work longer where I otherwise would already feel the first pains. And about two weeks later wearing them there is in my opinion no doubt about it that the magnetic bracelets give me significant relief so that there is almost no pain at all anymore.

So, for anyone suffering from arthritis who are looking for some good alternative to drugs I can definitely recommend magnetic jewellery. Of course I can’t say whether it will work for you too but if you don’t give it a shot you will never know!

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Free Fitness Sessions on Southsea Common

People in Portsmouth can now take advantage of free fitness sessions organised by British Military Fitness (BMF).

Anyone who wants to get fit and in shape can attend. There will be several trainers at Southsea Common where folks can enjoy interactive drills and other cool fitness related things.

One reason for the BMF providing the free exercise sessions is that they know how many folks are often having problems starting with exercise routines. The sessions aim to encourage more people to get started becoming fit and healthy.

Harry Sowerby, their director at BMF said to the press the Minister able to bring people together to have fun while I can get fit and improve their lifestyle.

‘We really want to motivate those shy of exercise to come down to the Common and give it a go.’ he said to the reporters.

While the BMF may convey a tough image you do need to be afraid attending their training classes. They will use a softer approach suitable for everyone. Mr Sowerby says that he knows how intimidating it can feel for some when they want to return to exercising. “We wanted to create a weekend where everyone was in the same boat could restart a exercise machine together as a group”, he said.

If you happen to live in East London and want to do something for your fitness you should check out London Fields. London Fields offers may interesting fitness courses including yoga, pilates Hackney and weight loss.


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Some of The Best Italian Golf Courses

I had some friends asking me for tips about where to go in Italy for a good game of golf.  The Telegraph has a helpful article over at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/luxury/travel/1314/italys-best-golf-courses-by-costantino-rocca.html

Golf Breaks ItalyTheir very helpful post by Italian golfing star Constantino Rocca covers a number of the best golf courses in Italy, among them Alberono and Bergamo, two personal favorites of mine!

The article also mentions the green fees so you know about those in advance although they’re generally very moderate in Italy.

For me, Italy beats most European destinations when it comes to golf holidays. The climate there is always just “perfect” and the courses are amongst the most beautiful I have ever seen in the midst of the fantastic Mediterranean landscape.

Personally I like going to Northern Italy because then we can also combine my golf break with exciting day trips to Verona, Milan and Venice. It’s simply a perfect holiday all around. Here is more info on golfing abroad that you should check out if you love golf as much as I do.

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Ecotherapy – What Is It?

Did you ever hear or read about what is known as ecotherapy? If not, you might want to check out this article. Basically, ecotherapy is the knowledge that spending quality time outdoors in the wilderness can have a very beneficial effect on our physical and mental health.

Ecotherapies are so effective for us because they will reconnect us with nature, its external reality but most fundamentally, our inner natures according to several health experts.

There is a new book out by Oliver James that is called  Love Bombing – Rest Your Child’s Emotional Thermost. In this book you can learn about a simple ecotherapeutic technique for restoring balance in relationships between children and parents. So check the article out, it is very interesting and helpful if you’re a parent!

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About The Singing Waiters

Seeing The Singing Waiters for the first time last month was an experience I will never forget. Don’t get me wrong. I already attended PLENTY of wedding receptions but this was something entirely different. The singing waiters are what some refer to as “secret music” performers, similar like a flash mob because no one knows when they’re at a party or reception – until they start with their show!

At Danny and Michaela’s wedding I had the opportunity to see the singing waiters now for myself and I and with me all the other guests were entirely blown away. I was in-fact so impressed that I booked the singing waiters right the next day for Natalie’s wedding in July. It is my wedding present for them!

singing-waiters-7If you want to know more about the singing waiters, know you can book them in different ways. You can book them for their “normal” performance which will normally last about 90mins or so. In this case you will talk over with them about the details about their show and when it will start.

But you can also book them for your complete musical wedding entertainment which means they will be there for the entire duration for absolute great musical entertainment, better than most DJs or bands can do.

In my opinion,if you’re looking for something that can really blow your guests off their socks there is nothing better than the singing waiters!

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Europe’s Forgotten Islands

Holidays off the beaten paths can often be most exciting and thrilling. I found a great article about “Europe’s forgotten Islands” that is definitely worth that you check it out if you’re looking for truly unique holiday destinations.

saaremaaSome of those Islands are in areas you would initially not even consider a typical holiday destination.

Among those hidden islands talked about in the article are Rügen in Germany, Saaremaa in Estonia, Bornholm in Denmark  and the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

You would be surprised how many exciting off-the-path holiday locations there are. Why go on holidays where everyone else goes? Hop over to the article and take a holiday trip of a life-time!

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