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My Children’s School Outdoor Excursions


In my opinion, it’s often those times where children are not necessarily sitting behind their desk in the classroom where they learn most eagerly and where they can learn the most. I am talking about educational excursions the class.

Those types of excursions with the school can serve various purposes.

Let me just give you some examples. What could be better to learn a new language than actually visiting a country where this language is spoken? Nothing would beat learning a language like this.

Rather than learning  a language from a book, the children can be immersed right into a culture while they are learning the language in daily conversation.

Then there are those types of trips with the class where children can learn about history or culture. Students can visit actual historic sites such as castles or archaeological excavation sites. And of course, the can also learn a lot just by spending a day in a museum.

The problem here is that a lot of public schools today are lacking the funds to do such types of excursions and trips. This is all done because schools need to save money, they simply cannot afford such trips. As a result, the education standards are going down in state schools across the UK. Plus, students may be less motivated as well.

This is entirely different when we look at some of our independently operated private schools here. Most of our private schools don’t have those money problems, obviously. They don’t have a problem allowing their students to visit Paris as a way to improve their skills in French, for example.

I have also seen private schools where the children could spend a week skiing in the Alps.

I think that a private school is ultimately a much better choice as compared to our state schools. From my experience, the children are more motivated and their grades are also better on average. You can visit prep school Bedfordshire if you want to learn more about our quality private schools here in the United Kingdom.


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