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What Is a Fire Camera?


Fire cameras are getting increasingly popular, not just for fire protection for commercial structures but also for private residences.

There are many reasons for this. Let us look at how fire cameras work and which advantages they can provide.

A fire camera can reliably detect fires where other fire detection methods such as smoke detectors would not work.

Good examples for this would be manufacturing plans or oil rigs, sports stadiums or outdoor locations such as forests and fields. Since smoke detectors can only work within confined spaces, their use is rather limited.

Fire cameras work entirely differently as compared to other fire detection methods. At the heart of a digital camera is usually advanced software that can detect a fire by analysing the video feed provided by the camera right real-time. Because of the way how fire cameras work, the can monitor a much larger area. What’s even more important, they can detect fires from a distance.

Another advantage of fire cameras is that they are essentially still CCTV cameras and can also function as such in addition to fire detection abilities. This means that you can easily replace any existing surveillance camera with a fire camera.

Fire Cameras Are Fast and Reliable

Modern digital fire cameras can detect fires within seconds. What’s more, they can also automatically summon emergency responders and provide them with the exact coordinates of the fire. This way, response times and therefore damage from fire can be greatly reduced. With a very low rate for false alarms, fire cameras have also been shown as a lot more reliable as compared to other fire detection systems.

The Benefits of Modern Fire Cameras – The Takeaway

In previous times, reliable fire detection in certain areas and locations has essentially been impossible or only very difficult to realize. Thanks to fire cameras and the way how they can reliably detect fires, these places are now much safer.

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