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About The Singing Waiters


Seeing The Singing Waiters for the first time last month was an experience I will never forget. Don’t get me wrong. I already attended PLENTY of wedding receptions but this was something entirely different. The singing waiters are what some refer to as “secret music” performers, similar like a flash mob because no one knows when they’re at a party or reception – until they start with their show!

At Danny and Michaela’s wedding I had the opportunity to see the singing waiters now for myself and I and with me all the other guests were entirely blown away. I was in-fact so impressed that I booked the singing waiters right the next day for Natalie’s wedding in July. It is my wedding present for them!

singing-waiters-7If you want to know more about the singing waiters, know you can book them in different ways. You can book them for their “normal” performance which will normally last about 90mins or so. In this case you will talk over with them about the details about their show and when it will start.

But you can also book them for your complete musical wedding entertainment which means they will be there for the entire duration for absolute great musical entertainment, better than most DJs or bands can do.

In my opinion,if you’re looking for something that can really blow your guests off their socks there is nothing better than the singing waiters!

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